Yung Joc Says He Was the Mastermind Behind His Memes

Meme depicting Yung Joc’s new hairstyle

Yung Joc's newest hairstyle has been the stuff that memes are made of. After posting one photo, the Atlanta rapper's perfectly pressed hairdo immediately went viral. But now Joc is admitting to creating most of the infamous memes.

In an interview with Atlanta’s V-103, the rapper said he knew people would have smack to talk when it came to the hairstyle, so he figured he'd start talking it first.


“I knew they were going to get on me, so I had to get in on it, too," the rapper said.

And so he created the Olive Oil relaxer box and the Five Heartbeats meme.


And Joc also informed the radio show that his hair is all natural. No chemicals or hot combs were used to straighten it.

“No relaxer, no hot comb, nothing,” he said. “I’m from Atlanta, for real, for real. Back in the days, there were cats walking around with finger waves and S-Curls, and I don’t have any of that.”


The style, of course, is for an upcoming movie, about which Joc didn't divulge much information. But if what Joc says is true about creating most of the memes, it definitely puts a new spin on going viral.

But I'm kinda feeling like he may be fabricating just a tad bit.

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