Your Wallet's Callin': R. Kelly Reportedly Wants to Tap Michael Jackson's Lawyer, Needs Many Extra Dollars

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Robert “R.” Kelly is reportedly seeking out one of the most in-demand criminal attorneys in the business: Tom Mesereau, a lawyer best known for successfully defending Michael Jackson during his 2005 child molestation trial.


Mesereau also got actor Robert Blake acquitted on charges he murdered his ex-wife.

First reported by TMZ, the celeb gossip site claims Arruh recently met with Mesereau for four hours, and that the singer deeply wants Mesereau to take his case.

The issue? Kelly’s troubled finances. A whopping $161,000 in back child support placed the Pied Piper behind bars a second time, after he was first charged with sexual abuse in February (he had trouble paying his $100,000 bond on his own, and had to rely on donations).

Kelly also already has “a battery of lawyers,” according to TMZ, and he’s still paying his ex-wife, Drea Kelly, $21,000 a month in support. Kelly’s current attorney, Steve Greenberg says the speculation that his client is looking to replace him is “a complete load of crap.”

At any rate, whoever represents Kelly will have a veritable shit-ton of billable hours. Kelly is currently incarcerated in New York, under a federal charge for sex trafficking. In Illinois; he faces trafficking, sexual assault and sexual abuse charges’ and in Minnesota, Kellz faces an additional two counts of underage prostitution.

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

He can change lawyers all he likes, but the damage is done. Even if by some act of a higher being, he somehow beats all of the charges everywhere, SRK accomplished it’s goal and we aren’t even getting into what could be years of civil hearings by those he abused and who aren’t suffering Stockholm syndrome.

When he wigged out for the world to see was not out of regret or realization that he’s a piece of shit, but because the jig was up. Same reason Jeffery offed himself, he too knew the jig was up and facing that was too much for him. I don’t think Robert will kill himself though, too much ego and sniffing his own farts for that.