You Mad, Columbus Short? For Some Reason, the Former Scandal Star Reportedly Threatened Jamie Foxx

Agostina Laneri; Columbus Short
Instagram; Getty Images

For reasons not quite known, ex-Scandal star Columbus Short threatened to “murk”—aka murder—actor Jamie Foxx while in the middle of yet another alleged domestic violence blowup with an ex.

According to TMZ, Short wilded out on his ex, fitness trainer to the stars Agostina Laneri, last week. After the incident, she got a restraining order against him that stated he was verbally abusive to her and physically abusive toward her son. Laneri, who is supposedly pregnant with Short’s child, claimed that the actor said he would also kill Jamie Foxx.

Reported TMZ: “Short told her, ‘If I choose to kill one of these n****s … I will do that. I'm that crazy n**** that will be on the news as the n**** that murked [murdered] Jamie Foxx.’ She says he then went on, ‘Y'all should be very afraid. Very afraid.’”

Is he having a fever dream that Laneri is seeing Foxx? Does he just regularly name-check Foxx while in the middle of threatening women and children? That part is unclear, but what is clear is that the court ordered Short not to come within 100 yards of Laneri and her son.

Which is probably for the best, considering his history. Short, who was let go from the Shonda Rhimes hit show Scandal after reports surfaced that he had brutally attacked his then wife, Tanee McCall, has been nothing but trouble ever since.

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