Gabby Douglas’ Barbie is officially available for purchase as part of Mattel’s Shero collection, which highlights women who break boundaries.


Douglas’ doll wears a red-white-and-blue leotard, and according to Mattel, Douglas was involved in the design process.

“It looks exactly like me,” said Douglas in a press release. “It was a really fun process.”


Douglas hopes the doll will inspire other young girls to reach for their dreams and realize there’s nothing they can’t accomplish.

“It’s a huge honor,” Douglas told People. “I always dreamed of having my own doll, and I played with Barbie when I was little with my sisters.

“I really hope what people take away from the Gabby Barbie doll is to be inspired, to be encouraged to be anything that you want to be. If you have a passion or a goal, set your heart to do whatever you want to do,” she said.

The Gabby Douglas Barbie doll can be purchased online for $24.95.

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