Wypipo Wite-Out: K-Pop Fans Use Social Media Privilege to Drown Out #WhiteLivesMatter Hashtags

Guests at K-pop boy band BTS’ visit to the “Today” show on February 21, 2020, in New York City. ; A BIC Wite-Out mini twist correction tape dispenser
Guests at K-pop boy band BTS’ visit to the “Today” show on February 21, 2020, in New York City. ; A BIC Wite-Out mini twist correction tape dispenser
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We have to admit—#BlackOutTuesday didn’t go the way its originators intended. Though we tried to alleviate a bit of confusion with a quick explainer that morning, some of the spiraling was unavoidable and unfortunately, the intended message was lost in the muddled mess.


However, today is a brand new day and a new opportunity to roast a bunch of racist saltines. That’s right: even when we have a setback, the mayo marauders are still threatened by any type of representation for black folks.

The heroes of the day? K-pop fans! According to Variety, the mass following of the popular South Korean music genre decided to use their social media powers for good and hijack the #WhiteLivesMatter and #WiteOutWednesday hashtags so that racists’ pasty propaganda was drowned out with a sea of roasting, accountability and K-pop bops. Of course, each hashtag was a response to #BlackLivesMatter and #BlackoutTuesday (You see how I linked these and not those other ones? Totes intentional, bitch!) because we really can’t have shit.

Full disclosure: my first real introduction to K-pop was during a friendly function at a Korean barbecue joint. Typically, the restaurants play music videos on the screens while you enjoy your endless bulgogi and other meats (which you’ll need probiotics for afterward—unless you eat enough kimchi, as The Glow Up’s Managing Editor Maiysha Kai pointed out). Yes, every song was a bop. Every music video was intriguing and alluring.

I am not a part of the K-pop community, however, what I do know is that they are a hugely dominant force on Twitter—I mean, how can you miss them?! Whether you’re familiar with the genre or not, you’re going to end up seeing them on your timeline or on the sidebar that lists trending topics for the day.


Oh, you want a WhiteOut Wednesday? We’ll give you a Wite-Out Wednesday.


According to The Verge, the solidarity didn’t stop there. When the unseasoned union attempted to swerve on the mission by adding #BlueLivesMatter and #MAGA hashtags, those were flooded with K-pop energy, as well.


Think about it—these racists really got whitewashed after attempting to whitewash a significant movement in the black community. This is music to my ears.

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Kpop stans also crashed a Dallas PD snitching app as well so clearly we know where they stand.