Wu-Tang Clan Posts Job on Craigslist but Doesn’t Mention Anything About Compensation

Wu-Tang Clan in 2007: Mathematics (in rear), Inspecta Deck, Street Life, U-God, Method Man, Cappadonna (crouched, wearing red), GZA, Raekwon and RZA
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Back in the day, Wu-Tang Clan sung about cash ruling everything around them, but from the looks of a recent job posting, that sentiment doesn’t correlate into compensation for potential employees. According to a post on Craigslist, the Staten Island, N.Y.-based rap group is in need of employees, but you may want to slow your roll before applying because there’s no mention of compensation. At one point, the ad may have stated it was unpaid, according to Spin, but it looks as though it’s been recently updated.

The Craigslist post states that the position involves a large amount of social media work, as well as promotional duties with Wu-Tang affiliates. Who knows, maybe the position can also double as a replacement for Raekwon, Wu-Tang Clan’s co-founder, especially since he recently stated that he’s on a strike from the group. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Raekwon spoke of internal strife between members of Wu-Tang Clan, including financial and creative differences.


It sounds like the Wu-Tang Clan may need a little bit more than a social media employee; maybe a mediator to get the group back to being cohesive and a human resources professional to offer guidance when posting jobs online. 

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