Would You Want Your Kids Mentored by Paula Deen? Steve Harvey Thinks So

The Steve Harvey Show         
The Steve Harvey Show         

Dear old Paula Deen is attempting a comeback after her fall from butter-soaked grace, and Steve Harvey is trying to help. According to a press release, Deen will make an appearance on Harvey’s talk show, where he will explain her new involvement with his mentoring camp. The episode will air on Oct. 2.


Harvey is allowing Deen and her team to teach culinary skills to boys from the Steve Harvey Mentoring Camp. Each year 100 fatherless boys attend Harvey’s camp in Dallas during Father’s Day weekend. During their stay the boys are taught principles of manhood and introduced to positive male role models.

Sure, the mentoring camp is a great idea, but with Deen and her staff?

So you’re telling me the Neelys, G. Garvin, Carla Hall and the countless other black chefs weren’t available? Of all people to choose, you go for a so-called reformed racist?


“Paula and her team has agreed to take as many boys as I want to fly down to Savannah and teach them culinary skills,” Harvey says on the show. “That, to me, is how you get something from something. There has to be a good behind everything.” 

Harvey also realizes that his actions may receive criticism from bloggers, so he has asked them to also write “that I don’t give a damn.”

Of course not, because ratings are gold.

During Deen’s appearance on Harvey’s talk show, maybe there will also be more of Deen’s crocodile fritter tears cooked in lard as she begs for forgiveness.

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