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Woman Sues R. Kelly, Charging Sexual Assault and Herpes Infection

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On Monday a woman filed a lawsuit against R. Kelly in Supreme Court in New York, alleging that the singer sexually assaulted her, infected her with herpes and locked her in rooms to punish her for failing to please him.


Faith Rodgers, 20, said that she met the singer in 2017 and he promised to help her with a music career. But instead, she said, she was abused “mentally, sexually and verbally.” Rodgers alleges that Kelly would record her on video against her will “submitting to deviant and compromising sexual contact.”

“Defendant, R. Kelly, locked Plaintiff in secluded areas, including rooms, studios and motor vehicles, for extended periods of time in order to punish Plaintiff for failing to please Defendant sexually and/or for perceived offenses and violations of his prescribed code of conduct,” the lawsuit alleges.


Earlier this month, in response to the numerous allegations of sexual assault that have been made against Kelly, Spotify removed Kelly’s music from its streaming service’s playlists, but, of course, Kelly’s PR people, once again, shouted about his innocence:

R. Kelly never has been accused of hate, and the lyrics he writes express love and desire. Mr. Kelly for 30 years has sung songs about his love and passion for women. He is innocent of the false and hurtful accusations in the ongoing smear campaign against him, waged by enemies seeking a payoff. He never has been convicted of a crime, nor does he have any pending criminal charges against him.

You can read the R. Kelly complaint in full, posted by gmaddaus, on Scribd.


Rodgers appeared on CBS This Morning on Tuesday to speak about the lawsuit.

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it’s a wrap for R Kelly because he didn’t wrap it up.

No, seriously, the dude is a monster and his downfall is long, long, long AF overdue. Times Up, Robert.