Dwight Howard
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It’s funny to think that NBA star Dwight Howard came into the league in 2004 as the goody-two-shoes athlete who was going to bring his Christian values to a sport overrun by bravado, groupies, fast money and a lavish lifestyle.

Boy, has he fallen short of that.

Now a woman named Tiffany has filed a lawsuit against Howard. She’s presumably fed up with going back and forth with the Houston Rockets center about the $10,000 that they agreed he would pay her every month to care for their 4-year-old child. In court documents (obtained by TMZ), she spilled the beans about how Howard is defaulting on those monthly payments.

In the suit, according to TMZ, Tiffany said that the NBA baller has paid her only half of what he owes her since January and that those coins are hardly enough to care for their child—especially not the child of a professional athlete who allegedly makes $27 million every year from his NBA salary plus product endorsements. 

Tiffany said she now needs more than the agreed-upon $10,000 a month to put the child in private school, throw the kid birthday parties and pay for extracurricular activities that will put the child in the appropriate settings to make friends with other children, TMZ reports. (At least she mentioned “private school” somewhere among those parties and “appropriate settings,” #priorities.)

There’s also the issue of the psychological baggage that comes with being the child of a celebrity father, Tiffany argued in the lawsuit, according to TMZ. She wants money to put their child in therapy to tend to those pressures.  


Let that sink in. Howard hasn’t responded to inquiries posed to him by TMZ, so he’s probably stewing over that last part, too. 

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