Tracy Clayton

(The Root) — Another person is dead after a fight on Facebook.

Khalila Southall, 30, of Chicago, was arrested and charged with the murder of 28-year-old Lakeisha Tate. The two fought at gas station after a quarrel online. Southall shot Tate twice, once in the torso and once in the leg, before fleeing, but left her I.D. at the scene. Southall was identified by several witnesses, many of whom had video footage of the altercation.


Fights that begin online and have tragic endings are becoming more commonplace as social media continues to settle in as a standard form of communication and interaction. A man in Oklahoma City recently killed a man who made a comment on his girlfriend's picture, and one of the most notable murders this year, that of rapper Li'l JoJo, was heavily influenced and facilitated by social media.

Read more at the Chicago Tribune.

Tracy Clayton is a writer, humorist and blogger from Louisville, Ky.


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