Tracy Clayton

(The Root) — Our daily tasks involve social media more and more. Watching television, breaking up with our old mates, finding new ones — we've found ways to incorporate our online interactions in ways we never would have dreamed before. Samantha Bankey recently added "getting a job" to that list, having recently been offered a position at a company via Instagram.


Bankey, a new graduate of Michigan's Ferris State University, applied for an internship with ePrize, a tech-marketing firm, last summer, but the company was unsure that the position would still be available once she graduated. Bankey followed ePrize on Instagram, and they followed her in turn, watching her work through the year. They tagged her in this picture to make sure she'd be notified quickly.

"Our strategy as a company is always to reach consumers wherever they spend the most time," said Janice Pollard, ePrize's digital marketing and public relations leader. "We wanted to create a fun surprise and delight experience for a future team member and start her marketing career off with a few likes."


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Tracy Clayton is a writer, humorist and blogger from Louisville, Ky.

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