Best Man Holiday movie poster

Director Malcolm Lee has decided that audiences won’t have to wait another decade for his next offering in The Best Man franchise.

At the American Black Film Festival last week, Lee, along with star Morris Chestnut, gave Vibe a few details about what to expect in the third installment. "It's going to be some romance, there'll be some sex, there's going to be a wedding and there’s going to be a distant location," said Lee.


Considered one of the classic black films of the '90s, The Best Man went on to gross $34,102,780, while the sequel, The Best Man Holiday, more than doubled those numbers, grossing $70,525,195 to date in the United States. After a rather heavy ending in the sequel, however, Chestnut assures us that Best Man 3 will be the funniest of them all.

Earlier this year, Sanaa Lathan said in an interview for that she would definitely be up another Best Man flick, provided her character is not pregnant in the movie again. There’s been no word from the other co-stars, but no doubt a lot of people will be crossing their fingers and hoping the entire cast returns.

Others, however, are skeptical about whether a third film is necessary:


The script is not in the studio’s hands yet, and a date hasn’t been released.

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