Will Packer is Producing a Show About Twitter. The Premiere Has to Be About $200 Dates, Right?

Producer Will Packer attends a special screening of ‘What Men Want’ on January 18, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Producer Will Packer attends a special screening of ‘What Men Want’ on January 18, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Photo: Marcus Ingram (Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

Will Packer is packing on more projects—this time, he’s venturing into social media. More specifically, the culture of social media.


Will Packer Media’s Power Star Live will premiere on Wednesday, February 6 from 4-4:30 p.m, and each week will focus on the conversations that drive and shape Twitter’s platform.

Power Star Live will cultivate the most creative and impactful content from the powerful social culture that drives Twitter,” Packer told Deadline. “This show will be a platform that showcases the influence of the varied and diverse users on Twitter and how they impact comedy, music, the arts and pop culture.”

Packer will executive produce with Jaime Primak Sullivan and Will Packer Media’s Kelly Smith. The show will broadcast live on Twitter. Remember, it’s about Twitter; consider it Twitception.

The show will be hosted by popular blogger Xilla Valentine and seeeeesstah Jessie Woo. With these hosts and production team, the topics have to circle Black Twitter, specifically.

So, naturally, I have to predict the potential topics:

1. $200 Dates

2. Eating Ass

3. Twitter scams

4. Twitter Fly-Out Fails

5. Gender Wars

6. Passports vs. Jordans

7. Problematic Faves

8. Old Twitter vs. New Twitter

9. Cancel Culture

10. Child Support

The possibilities are endless. Yes, I’ll be tuned in. I sit around my crib with snacks reading my timeline, so of course I’m going to watch a whole show about it. Only Based God can judge me.

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No one over 40 need to watch, they ain’t gonna be talking about your “old” ass (unless you’re on one of those reality shows)