Why Are WME’s Lawyers Asking Terry Crews to Take a Mental Health Examination?

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Terry Crews did a brave thing in October when he took to Twitter to describe a sexual assault he endured during a Hollywood party. He stood in solidarity with the many women in Hollywood who have endured the same type of abuse from the white men who hold the power in the industry.


He then took it a step further by filing a criminal complaint for sexual assault and filing a lawsuit against the alleged perpetrator, Adam Venit, as well as the WME agency.

The criminal complaint against Venit is currently under investigation, and WME punished Venit by suspending him for one month, which would indicate that they, too, acknowledge that he did something wrong.

So why is it that lawyers for the agency have filed a stipulation in Crews’ civil lawsuit that says he must undergo a mental health examination?

According to TMZ, the exam—which will be conducted by a mutually agreed-upon physician—will last seven hours and include a “comprehensive psycho-social and medical history and the administration of mental status testing and psychological testing.”


Um, what?

So instead of taking the L and moving on gracefully, WME is going to dig its heels in and subject Crews to even more scrutiny and humiliation? To what end? What is it exactly that they are trying to prove here?


Just goes to show that white people hate it when you call them out on their madness.

Hang in there, Terry. We are rooting for you.

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Unfortunately this sort of invasive questioning/examining often happens with victims of sexual assault. This is why so many don’t report. Rape culture does a hell of job silencing it’s victims. Get ‘em Terry