Whoopi Finally Did What Needed to Be Done to Meghan McCain With Four Words—'Girl, Please Stop Talking!'

Whoopi Goldberg (l) and Meghan McCain (r) on The View
Whoopi Goldberg (l) and Meghan McCain (r) on The View
Screenshot: The View (YouTube)

Meghan, you in danger, girl.

If you were to go to a deli right now and order a sentient mayo sandwich with an annoying dollop of horseradish, you would be ordering “The Meghan McCain.” The combo meal comes with a bag of chips-on-your-shoulder, by the way. The daughter of the late U.S. Senator John McCain (since she won’t ever let us forget it), McCain has become a noticeable buzzkill on The View.


While it’s one thing to have dissenting opinions—of course, The View would be a boring back-patting fest if everyone agreed—Meghan’s negative and cringeworthy energy is unbearable.

As outspoken as she is, she never seems completely comfortable expressing her opinions so there’s always an air of exaggerated tension looming over her, despite outwardly expecting people to disagree with her. Her propensity to scream some version of, “Wahhhh! I know I have an unpopular opinion!” overshadows the opinion itself and it’s affecting the overall tone of the show, to be honest.

Her most egregious offense is the way she talks over people, which is something the moderator is there to prevent. If everyone is talking over each other, the viewers won’t be able to hear anything anyone is saying.

However, on December 16, 2019, Black History was made when moderator Whoopi Goldberg summoned the strength of a thousand fed-up ancestral black women and proclaimed, “Girl, please stop talking!”


The panel of women made of Meghan, Whoopi, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar and Abby Huntsman were discussing the ongoing impeachment process of President Constipated Carrot, which is bound to get passionate, right? So when Sunny and Megan started talking over each other, Whoopi decided to interrupt them both in what looked like an attempt to remind them that they pretty much sounded like radio static and to, perhaps, give each of them a chance to speak. Sunny, who actually knows how to do her job, decided to stay mum. But, Meghan, who takes every single thing as a personal affront, decided to throw a mini tantrum.

“I won’t talk the rest of the show,” Meghan murmured, McCainly.

“I’d be okay with that,” Whoopi retorted.

Whoopi would be okay with that. I would be okay with that. The Root would be okay with that. A large chunk of America’s viewers would be okay with that.


Cheers to Whoopi. Give that woman the Nobel Peace Prize, ASAP!

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Murry Chang

“I won’t talk the rest of the show,” Meghan murmured, McCainly.

“I’d be okay with that,” Whoopi retorted.”

And yet the bitch. Kept. Talking.