Still of a woman a Chicago mom says spewed racial epithets at her and her young children
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Chicago’s Oak Street Beach is a popular summer destination, but for one mother, it turned out to be a lesson in racism for her young children.

Raquel Bolton posted a video on Facebook that shows a white woman calling her and her two children the n-word after her children, ages 4 and 8, accidentally splashed the woman.


Bolton explained what happened on Facebook:

While at the beach #oakstreetbeach this lady called us the N Word three times in front of my children all because they splashed water on her. I asked her to stop yelling at the kids and said I'll call the police. She walked in my face twice yes I could've reacted but I didn't. Yes I thought this lady was going to spit or put hands on me first because that's how angry she was….here's her response.

On the video, the irate white woman rattles off the n-word several times and even questions Bolton's education.

"Of course you haven't graduated and you don't know the Constitution of the United States and what it says," the woman states.

"Of what? That you could just walk around calling somebody a n—ger?" Bolton asks.


The woman responds, "Yes, it's called free speech in America. Right to free speech. Look it up."

It didn't take long for Internet sleuths to figure out the identity of the white woman. According to The Frisky, Angelle Marie Massion is the irate woman in the video. Massion's Internet footprint led the women's site to her blog. But what's even more interesting is the fact that Massion seems to have a history of incidents involving racist outbursts. In 2006 she was reportedly arrested in an incident involving harassing students at Northwestern, with police saying that she yelled racial slurs at officers, according to the Daily Northwestern.


It's times like these when having a cellphone readily available is a good thing. Especially when it puts people's racism on blast for the world to see.

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