Russell Schiller

Editor’s note: This post contains tweets that some may find offensive.

Russell Schiller is a Howard University student who happens to be white. And he's also quite fond of black women, so much so that he created #BlackWomenAreGorgeous to pay homage to them. But after a little digging around Schiller's old tweets, some people found them problematic.

It seems as though at one point in his life, Schiller was fond of the n-word, and as recently as last year, he used it often in his tweets:


Of course, the apology rolled in once the old tweets resurfaced, with Schiller responding by saying that he was a different person back then and he was in a "growing phase."

"Although I have been in the black community my entire life, I must recognize that I will never be able to one hundred percent relate to anything that any African-American person has dealt with," he tweeted.


One has to wonder, since he grew up in the black community his whole life, did no one ever correct him?