Geoffrey Zakarian (L) and Ja Rule speak onstage during City Harvest’s 35th Anniversary Gala on April 24, 2018 in New York City.
Photo: Jamie McCarthy (Getty Images for City Harvest)

We all remember the collective shock, awe, and horror we experienced when watching the Fyre Festival exposés, Fyre (Hulu) and Fyre Fraud (Netflix). So, one with common sense would think nothing of the sort could ever happen again, right? At least, not at this time?


In “too soon” news, Ja Rule said he isn’t letting go of the possibility of recreating such a festival—the right way. I guess.


“In the midst of chaos is opportunity. I’m working on a lot of new things, Ja Rule told TMZ.

He also decided to fix his mouth to call Fyre Fest “the most iconic festival that never was,” then coyly added, “I have plans to create the iconic music festival.”

So, basically Fyre Fest: Redux? Fyre Fest 2: Electric Boogaloo? 2 Fyre 2 Fraud?

Abort, abort!

You mean Ja “I, too was bamboozled” Rule? Despite him being caught on video in a company meeting trying to substitute “fraud” with “false advertising” while trying to spin the narrative in your company’s favor?


You mean, Ja Rule, who was listed as “founder” of the festival from the jump, according to its pitch deck? Ah! That one.


Hmm, we know no one asks you what you think of this, but what do we think of this, Ja Rule?


NO. Emphatically “no.”

Mr. Rule, you’ve managed to slip through the cracks of a huge financial clusterfuck, yet only the rich white boy managed to get punished for it. When you were clearly complicit. That’s a feat. How about you quit and lay low while you’re ahead?


Sounds too much like right, huh?

Not to mention the rapper of “It’s murdaaaaa” fame has an additional venture, the ICONN app, which is the most inappropriate name in the history of Pretty Ricky. Sure, it stands for “Ice Connect,” but does that immediately come to mind, post-Fyre Fest fuckery? No, what comes to mind is “I con.” As in “con artist.” Poor unfortunate soul.


This is a very bad idea, Charlie Brown!

But, let’s say this actually goes forward. People are fickle, even as we live in the boogeyman’s dictatorship known as “cancel culture.”


So— if there’s anytime in the future when you think about purchasing a ticket to this thing that may or may not look enticing because of the people involved (because let’s face it, cognitive dissonance is a thing)?

Between you and me? Don’t.

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