When Your Family Drives You Crazy on Thanksgiving, Just Pull Out Something From #ThanksgivingClapBack

#ThanksgivingClapBack tweet

Thanksgiving is a time of sharing and an opportunity to get together with family over food and drinks. It’s a time when people are reflective and look around at everything for which they’re thankful.

But then there’s the other part of Thanksgiving. The part many people dread when it comes to being around their family for extended periods of time.


It’s a time when many people sit around with their families and try to maintain their composure to keep from going crazy.

It’s a time to come up with the best clapbacks you can think of when that nosy aunt is all up in your business.

A time when you finally want to tell the pushy uncle who is always trying to sell you his next business venture, “Get a real job, Tommy.”

And a time to finally tell your grandmother, “Hey, lady, you’re a size 20, stop worrying about my size 10. You’re the big one here.”


Yes, these are all scenarios that make for one of the most hilarious Thanksgiving-themed hashtags on Twitter. #ThanksgivingClapBack is not only funny, but I’m sure many people find these scenarios relatable. Take a look at a few below.



Do yourselves a favor: Keep this post saved on your phone. You may need to laugh—to keep from crying or choking out your auntie. 

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