What’s Your Favorite Scary Reboot? Mary J. Blige, Keke Palmer, and Tyga to Star in Queen Latifah-Produced Scream Series on VH1

SCREAM: RESURRECTION Official Trailer (2019) Season 3 / Movie Trailers Source (YouTube)

The year was 1996, and one question looped in our heads over and over before the term “meme” was even realized: What’s your favorite scary movie?


From the moment it hit theater screens everywhere, the Wes Craven slasher flick Scream became a pop cultural phenomenon. Now, 23 years later, we have a trailer for the televised reboot coming to VH1, entitled Scream: Resurrection.

The Scream televised series actually premiered in 2015 as an anthology and Scream: Resurrection is its third iteration. It has been in the works for three-and-a-half years, in fact, switching to VH1 from MTV.


According to the Hollywood Reporter:

Season three centers on Deion Elliot (RJ Cyler), a local star football running back, whose tragic past comes back to haunt him and threaten his hard-earned plans for the future — and the lives of his unlikely group of friends. The cast also includes Mary J. Blige, Keke Palmer, Tyler Posey, Tyga, Giorgia Whigham, Jessica Sula, C.J. Wallace and Giullian Yao Gioiello. The first-look trailer for season three also reveals that Paris Jackson will guest star.

Plus, the infamous Ghostface mask will be appearing (you know, the one that pretty much everyone lazily donned for Halloween that year and in years to follow) for the first time on television. The actor who voiced the character Roger Jackson will be reprising his role.

Trailer Observations:

  • The trailer literally begins with “Hello…?” And… wow. I think there’s a clause in white people’s contracts that they have to ask that in every single horror movie as if expecting the monster/killer to be all, “Hey, girl! Am I on speakerphone? Because I got some tea for you!”
  • I just remembered that Mary J. Blige gets to flex “Academy Award Nominee” in every film/TV promo. Go, Mary! Go, Mary! Go, Mary!
  • Tyga says “Good mornin’, gangsta” with as much enthusiasm as Ben Stein with the ‘itis.
  • Keke Palmer is running around with unicorn braids. I hope she didn’t just get them done because Ghostface is going to fuck up her scalp.
  • Wait… Paris Jackson? Will she be the Drew Barrymore of the bunch?

The original film’s director Craven will join the executive producer lineup of the series, along with Tony DiSanto, Liz Gately, Marianne Maddalen and Cathy Konrad. VH1’s Maggie Malina and Dana Gotlieb-Carter will oversee the reboot with Matthew Signer and Keith Levine coming onboard as producers.


Scream: Resurrection will debut Monday, July 8, on VH1 at 9 p.m. ET. There will be six episodes in total, with two episodes airing per night through Wednesday, July 10.

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Didn’t MTV do this a couple of years ago? They must’ve decided they needed some color in it since they are rebooting it on their sister channel.