Russell Wilson and Future Jr.

Ciara and her ex, Future, now have a well-documented history of his neglect and lies when it comes to his interactions with their son, Future Jr.

Just days before Ciara's wedding to Russell Wilson, court documents from Future's deposition in the defamation lawsuit Ciara filed against him revealed not only that he has been a deadbeat but also that he's not even paying the amount of child support he bragged about on social media. Basically, Future is a loser.

For the last two years of Ciara and Wilson's relationship, we've seen the relationship between the child and his now stepfather blossom. Apparently, Wilson stepped up to the plate and took on the father-figure role when, in the words of Shaquille O'Neal, "his biological didn't bother."

But for some on social media, now that Wilson is officially Future Jr.'s stepfather, that doesn't give him the right to be referred to as "pa-a."

In a video posted to Twitter, Wilson, Baby Future and Ciara shared a moment while he was getting his hair cut for an upcoming awards show.


In the video the toddler said, "Mama kiss," when he asked Ciara for a kiss. And then, seconds later, he said, "Papa kiss," when he asked Wilson.

And, of course, the ashy Twitter residents weren't here for it:


But, then, there were those who didn't see anything wrong with the child calling Wilson "papa":



Since Wilson is Baby Future's new stepdad, what's so wrong with him referring to Wilson as "papa" or—*gasp*—even "daddy"? I find it hilarious that there are those people out there wanting him to call Wilson, probably the only male figure in his life besides Ciara's father, "Mr. Wilson."

Spare me.

If Wilson has stepped up to the plate and is now married to Ciara and is acting like a father figure to the child, he deserves whatever brand of daddy name there is out there.


Let Baby Future call him papa, daddy, dad … whatever makes him happy.

Those who have an issue with it are probably fans of Future anyways. And as the saying goes, anyone can "father" a child, but it takes a special person to actually be a dad, and obviously that's Wilson.

Future better step up to the plate, because if his son follows in his footsteps and becomes a rapper later in life (he probably has a better chance of picking up football), Future shouldn't be too shocked to hear a song with his son talking about, "This song is dedicated to Russell Wilson, because he was the one who took me from a boy to a man."