What’s Going on Between Kanye West and Former Marvel CEO David Maisel? Hmmm

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Something’s in the water (good and bad?) between Marvel folks and rapper-moguls. A little over a week ago, FX released a statement confirming that Marvel, Donald Glover and his brother Stephen pulled the plug on an animated Deadpool show. This morning, Glover tweeted that he wasn’t too busy to complete the show—as previously assumed—and shared script pages with what appeared to be the entire series finale. You can check that out here.


Now Kanye West has been spotted canoodling with Marvel. The Fader reports that Yeezus has been kicking it with Marvel’s former CEO David Maisel (the very same man responsible for the Marvel-Disney merger) on multiple occasions. Photographs (and fan conspiracy theories) are making their way around Twitter, too:

That’s not all: Earlier today, Scooter Braun, music manager to the stars (yes, including Kanye West) announced via the New York Times that he has teamed up with Maisel to launch Mythos Studios, a new company that will strive to produce its “own hit comic-book movie franchises in live-action and animated formats.” Braun told the Times, “I’ve already had conversations with certain talent that are very excited about being a part of this.”

So what does it all mean? It seems increasingly likely that we’ll see some comic-book-esque collaboration between West, Maisel and Braun, and I’m ready for it—something’s gotta fill the void FX left when Glover’s Deadpool adaptation was killed—or, well, whatever happened there.

All we can do now is wait patiently and hope for the best ... and maybe pray that Glover and West will team up? Fingers crossed, y’all.

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I wonder if they are looking to catch lightning in a bottle twice and bring Kanye on to produce the soundtrack for an upcoming project, similar to what they did with Black panther and Kendrick. Kanye has done some voice acting (Cleveland Show) as well as appearing as himself in a few projects, but I’d imagine they’d want Kayne the artist not the actor, but who knows with Marvel that company shits gold.

I think FX killed the Deadpool show because now Deadpool is a Disney property. That or Disney applied leverage to have it killed since the Deadpool Glover was imaging doesn’t fit well with their portfolio of more family friendly comic book adaptations.