What’s Coming and Going on Netflix in May?

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I love Netflix; I’m not gonna lie. It is the perfect companion when you live alone. I usually turn on something good to play as background noise while I’m working during the day or falling asleep at night. It’s become a comfortable habit.

But Netflix also has pretty solid content, which makes it good for binge-watching your favorite shows or watching a favorite movie over and over again.

I confess that when Django Unchained was on Netflix, I watched that movie every single night before I went to sleep. Then, when they took that off the streaming service, I switched to Mean Girls—which is one of my all-time favorite movies.


They took Mean Girls off in January, so these days it’s either Boogie Nights or Jackie Brown that rocks me to sleep at night. I tend to stick to movies and programs I already know by heart so that my brain is not working to listen to dialogue and such.

It’s probably a good guess that I need to broaden my horizons a little, and with all the new things coming to Netflix in May, I will probably do just that.

First of all, Dear White People returns for its second season May 4, and word on the street is that Lena Waithe joins the cast this time around.

Now that Scandal has ended its television run, the seventh and final season of the Shonda Rhimes series starring Kerry Washington will be available for streaming beginning May 19. That means you could binge-watch the entire series over Memorial Day weekend if you were so inclined.


May 30 marks the return of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with my favorite character and yours, Titus Andromedon. Can’t wait to see what GIF-worthy and fun moments Titus has in store for us in the fourth season.

Tina Fey will join David Letterman on May 4 on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, and shock jock Howard Stern joins him May 30.


Netflix has four new original films debuting in May: Anon on May 4, The Kissing Booth on May 11, Cargo on May 18 and Ibiza on May 25.

If you are looking for fun new movies coming to Netflix in May, there’s Shrek on May 1; Mamma Mia!, Wanted and The 40-Year-Old Virgin on May 16; and Disney’s Coco on May 29.


Of course, Netflix giveth and Netflix taketh away, so you have about a week left to watch Ocean’s Eleven, The Hurt Locker and seasons 1-5 of The Secret Life of the American Teenager before they leave the streaming service.

The month of May is bringing a lot more reasons to opt for a Netflix-and-chill kind of date, so take advantage!

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Carrie Mathison

I was half-jokingly considering binge-watching a full season of 24 to celebrate my 24th birthday, and it turns out they took it off Netflix since I last watched it! Sad, but.... quite possibly for the best.