What is a Fuckboy and How Does One Avoid Them?

One of Amanda Seales’ best and most reliable qualities is her ability to tell it like it is. The actress (Insecure), comedian and creator of the Smart, Funny and Black traveling game show has this delightful talent of jumping on a topic, giving her opinion and then shaping thought-provoking conversations about said topic.


If you follow her on Instagram, you know her “stories” are nothing short of meaty commentary about everything from the wage gap to dating and literally everything in between. So when Amanda stopped by The Root’s offices to talk about Smart, Funny and Black and we had to dig in and ask her about the dating woes that many women have been met with: the fuckboy.

We asked Amanda to define what a fuckboy is, the signs we should look out for and exactly how they behave. What Amanda gave us was a complete guide in fuckboy and it’s greatly appreciated.

Oh, and before anyone tries to drag women, Amanda said that there is a such thing as a “fuckgirl,” but she calls them “trife gals.” Amanda says they do the same thing as fuckboys, but it’s a little different.

“Society is not set up for women the same way that [it is] for dudes. Women are not typically trained to be trife gals. We are, for the most part, trained socially to like extend and nurture and support and be emotional and mental providers to men,” she says. Because of this natural nurturing nature, it’s a bit more difficult for women to have the same “waste his time” attitude as men, but it’s not impossible.

Check out this fuckboy guide and enlighten yourself because self-care.

Pretty. Witty. Girly. Worldly. One who likes to party, but comes home early. I got stories to tell. Prince (yes, that Prince) called me excellence. Achievement unlocked.


Isn’t Amanda one of “dem people” that’s regurgitating that anti- child support stance of “Child support is for absent fathers... Not failed relationships”?

I know that she whips out them tears and can talk about “reverse-colorism”, from time to time.