Donald Trump meets Kanye West at Trump Tower in New York City on Dec. 13, 2016.

Kanye West and Donald Trump walk into a bar—or, rather, Kanye West and Donald Trump dapped each other Tuesday morning at Trump Tower in New York City. The dap is dead, and West and Trump killed it.


For some odd reason, West and Trump met Tuesday morning, and Trump couldn't help pointing out that he's been friends with West for years and that he's a good man. A good man who doesn't know how to pick good friends, obviously.

West didn't answer questions from reporters about whether or not he'd perform at the inauguration or what the meeting was even about.

"I just want to take a picture right now," West said, smiling.

"You take care of yourself; I'll see you soon," Trump told West.

Of course social media had a lot to say about the meeting, and for the most part, everyone basically asked, "WYD?"


Let's see what job West ends up with during Trump’s presidency. Or maybe he's trying to get his wife a job? At this point, anything is possible.

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