Alphacat as Barack Obama
YouTube Screenshot

YouTube userĀ AlphacatĀ has made a career out of impersonating President Barack Obama ever since Obama got into office. But his latest video may end up being one of his best ones yet, as he not only takes on Drakeā€™s ā€œBack to Backā€ song but also directs his verbal assault onto Donald Trump:Ā 

I learned how to lead from Mandela, you could never check me
Back to back like my terms in office, they couldnā€™t get me
Back to back like two duelers about to take 10 paces
Back to back like Trumpā€™s divorces, now face it. Ohhh!

Not only does Alphacat, as usual, have the presidentā€™s cadence perfected; he also definitely drops a lot of gems throughout the song. His bars could rival any rappperā€™s lyrics that you hear on the radio.

From the verse saying he ā€œwrote these bars while Michelle gave me a shoulder rubā€ to a line that takes the infamous verse from Drakeā€™s song, ā€œYou gonā€™ make me buy bottles for Charlamagne,ā€ and turns it into ā€œYou gonā€™ make me buy bottles for John McCain,ā€ the three-minute video is both creative and hilarious.Ā 

Get your Monday started on the right track and watch below: