Watch: Who Should 50 Cent Cast in Power Next?

If given the chance to shoot rapper-producer 50 Cent, what would you do? During press interviews for Den of Thieves, I asked 50 Cent and his co-stars, Gerard Butler, O’Shea Jackson and Pablo Schreiber, to show me their stellar acting skills.

The result was a couple of iffy 50 Cent impersonations, and then 50 Cent schooled Butler on how to properly get shot and how to die. I guess you can call this the Den of Thieves Master Acting Class.

As a producer, 50 Cent is one of the “powers that be” on the popular TV show Power. So when he’s cast in a movie (Den of Thieves) with amazing actors like Butler, Jackson and Schreiber, their first thoughts are all about how they’d like to be cast in Power. And 50 knows this, but he still hasn’t made any moves to cast them on the show.


I sat down with the men of Den of Thieves and found out not only that they all want a coveted spot on Power but also that when the pressure is on, they can all do stellar 50 Cent impressions. Well, all of them except Butler. Check out our interview with the cast of Den of Thieves in the video above. Which one of 50’s castmates would you want to see in Power?

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