Watch: When Denzel Met Pauletta: Did He Pursue Her 1st?

We’re constantly celebrating black love on The Root. And we just so happened to be lucky enough to sit down separately with #BlackLoveGoals couple Denzel and Pauletta Washington as each of them promoted their latest work.


At the time, Deputy Managing Editor Yesha Callahan interviewed Denzel as he was making press rounds for Roman J. Israel, Esq., while his wife, Pauletta, was doing the same for her play The Old Settler.

We told them that we’d ask the other to tell us the story about how they met. Spoiler alert: They kinda, sorta met on their first film together, The Wilma Rudolph Story, but they didn’t really “hook up” until Pauletta set Denzel up (to have him tell it).


Did their stories match up? Check out the video above.

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Babylon System

I watched “Roman J. Israel, Esq” on Google Play last night and I am disappoint. What happened Denzel?