Watch: Tim Story, Will Packer, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart Discuss Blackness in Hollywood

Will Packer, Tim Story, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube
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Ride Along 2 is headed to DVD and Blu-ray Disc on April 26, and a bonus feature included on the Blu-ray includes an important roundtable discussion. 

The film’s producer, Will Packer, and director, Tim Story, along with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, spoke candidly about what it means to be a black man in Hollywood.


“You’re giving a blueprint to the younger generation of color that’s aspiring to get where we are, that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. That road is not a perfect road. But when you do get to where you want to get, the beauty of it is sharing it with people who relate to your story,” Hart said when asked about the meaning of being black and successful in Hollywood.

Ice Cube also chimed in on the importance of being an example of black success in Hollywood.

“We’re sitting on a mountain of work. We’re not just four black guys who popped out of nowhere and [were] given this. To me, what it means is that even though we’ve all done amazing things as individuals, it shows that we can do amazing things together,” Cube remarked.

Take a look at the clip below.

Ride Along 2 was released on Digital HD on April 12 and will be released on Blu-ray Disc, DVD and On Demand on April 26.

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