Watch: This Man Sings His Way Out of a Traffic Ticket

T.J. Bristol    

Who knew that singing could get you out of a traffic ticket? For one motorist in Orlando, Fla., having talent paid off.

T.J. Bristol can sing. And it was that voice that got him out of a ticket. Bristol uploaded his traffic stop to his Facebook page, and of course he recorded everything with his selfie stick.

"I've been pulled over by police officers and I'm going to pray my way out of this," Bristol stated.


Along with some prayers, he serenaded the police officers with a Joe Cocker song.

And while some may think Bristol lied about the experience, Florida's Orange County Sheriff's Office posted about the incident on its own Facebook page.

"Last week, we posted a heartfelt video of T.J. Bristol, a motorist who was pulled over by Corporal Ricks for not wearing a seat belt. T.J. was given a warning, and promised to buckle up. The local gospel singer also serenaded our deputies with a song. It was especially moving for Cpl Ricks. The five year anniversary of her late husband's line of duty death was just days away. Deputy First Class Brandon Coates died on December 8th, 2010," the county office noted on Facebook.

During Bristol's appearance on a TV news station, by his side was Cpl. Ricks, the cop who'd pulled him over. Ricks said that Bristol's song gave her joy and made her feel that she could keep going on.

Bristol said that things happen at the right time and that he was glad he could bring the officer some joy. He also said he'd be sure to buckle his seat belt in the future.

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