Watch: This Little Girl Explains How Excited She Is About Books

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Growing up, although I had three siblings, I spent most of my time in my bedroom reading books. I remember being 9 years old with a room filled with everything from Judy Blume to Stephen King. Sure, they may not have been age-appropriate books, but no one cared, just as long as I was reading.


Nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to find children with an actual book in their hands. Sure, they’re reading, but most of the time it’s from a tablet. Gone are the days of paper cuts and the smell of old library books. But one town is making sure books stay around.

A Cleveland neighborhood is doing its part to make sure kids are excited about reading. The traditional library system has been made into a book-share type of system. Little Free Libraries are structures that bring books to neighborhoods that don’t have libraries. The idea is simple: Take a book and return a book.


And that’s where little 8-year-old Madison comes in.

You see, Madison isn’t your typical 8-year-old. Some may call her extraordinary. And she’s excited about reading.

“I have a lot of books, and it would be a good time to exchange them. We have a book, but we also give a book, so we both win,” says Madison.

Madison is serious about her books. And I mean serious: She’s so serious about them that it would break her heart if a page or even a whole book were lost.


Take a minute out of your day to watch Madison’s passionate views on books. It’ll make you want to run out to the library.

Someone get this child an agent!

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