Watch: This Is What Happens When Your Privilege Is Showing and There’s a Black Woman in the Room

By now you may have seen the viral clip from Katy Perry’s livestream promoting her new album, Witness, that catapulted actress Amanda Seales and former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner more into the spotlight more than they already were! To recap: Jenner adores America and Seales doesn’t quite feel the same, and Jenner is perplexed by Seales’ lack of patriotism.

Seales took that moment to educate Jenner on privilege and why they don’t have the same experience.


Headlines zeroed in on Seales, with many calling her hostile or claiming that she was “dragging” Jenner. These misnomers are problematic and flirt with the concept of racism. If a black person, especially a woman, is upset or explaining herself with vigor, she’s hostile or angry, even. Seales said, “Not today!”

Check out the interview above with the Insecure actress about that Jenner conversation and what it means to be a black woman with a seat at the table: Do we constantly have to school everyone?

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