Watch: The Root Staff Tries Patti LaBelle's Cakes and Cobblers

Trying Patti LaBelle’s cakes and cobblers
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Last year, Patti LaBelle's sweet potato pies went viral with the help of James Wright Chanel's hilarious video. The pies, which are exclusively sold at Wal-Mart, flew off the shelves and launched Chanel as a viral sensation. LaBelle even has a cooking show premiering soon on the Cooking Channel, where she'll show off those much-talked-about skills.

This year, Wal-Mart and LaBelle are serving up a few more dessert choices. Move over, sweet potato pies; there are now cobblers and cakes. And guess who got a chance to taste them? Well, not me, because I'm not eating cobblers or cakes that have been sitting in a store for God knows how long, but my co-workers did.


Now, you know your grandmother's pies and cobblers always had a secret ingredient, and according to Danielle Belton, managing editor of The Root, it's BUTTER! Seriously, I don't even know how much butter I put into making a cake. Just say all of it.

And then there's the flaky crust. If that crust ain't flaking? Send it back. Sometimes I'd just prefer to eat the crust from a cobbler instead of the fruit.

But the biggest mistake that some people make when it comes to their cakes and cobblers: Too much sugar! If you can't taste the fruit in your cobbler, you may have a sugar issue.

So what did the staff think of Patti's Pies and Cakes? Well, P.J. Rickards, our video producer, wasn't too pleased.


"It tastes like Pathmark [supermarket] cake," Rickards said.

Take a look at the hilarious video below:


First collard greens and now cobblers. My co-workers love being guinea pigs!

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