Watch: The Root Doles Out More Awards to the Folks Who Made Social Media a Fun Mess in 2015

Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
The Root Grapevine Editor and Staff Writer Yesha Callahan and The Root Staff Writer Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele 
The Root

In part 1 of this two-part video series, in which we break down the hottest viral stories of 2015, we named the Best Advice for Young Girls and Women, the Trillest Moment and the person(s) who had the Hardest Fall From Grace, just to name a few.

Below is part 2, the final installment of our special end-of-year tribute that pays homage to the trending stories on black Twitter, social media and entertainment that captured the nation's attention, for better or worse. 


Check out our selections for Best African-American Ensemble Cast, the Most Significant Beef and Best Comeback, and find out who got the 2015 gold star for Getting One Over on Black Folk. 

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Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele is a staff writer at The Root and the founder and executive producer of  Lectures to Beats, a Web series that features video interviews with scarily insightful people. Follow Lectures to Beats on Facebook and Twitter.

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