Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
The students and faculty members at the Spain Elementary-Middle School in Detroit
The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Spain Elementary-Middle School 

There's a public school in Detroit that is falling apart, literally, and Ellen DeGeneres just threw a bunch of money and attention at the problem, the Detroit Free Press reports

According to a clip from the show, the Spain Elementary-Middle School is chock-full of students from working-class families that are "poor or homeless," DeGeneres explained.


The technology at the school doesn't work or is nonexistent, "their entire roof is falling apart [and] their gym is completely shut down," forcing students to take their physical education class in the hallways. 

At times, students wear coats in the classroom because the heat doesn't work. DeGeneres donated and pooled together tons of resources for the school, which she says is her show's "most generous giveaway." 

Those giveaways include a $100 gift card from Lowe's for each teacher and staff member at the school, $50,000 in technology from Lowe's, $200,000 worth of materials and labor to go toward a new roof, and a $250,000 donation from Lowe's. Plus, the show started a GoFundMe page for the school with a $5 million goal (the GoFundMe team has already pledged $15,000 toward that goal).

DeGeneres surprised the school's students during a live telecast of her show, in which she video-conferenced into their assembly. Check out the surprise below.


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