Watch: The Daily Show’s Black Donald Trump Is Back With ‘They Love Me’

Roy Wood Jr. as black Donald Trump on The Daily Show
YouTube Screenshot
Roy Wood Jr. as black Donald Trump on The Daily Show
YouTube Screenshot

If there’s one reason to watch The Daily Show, it’s to see correspondent Roy Wood Jr. in action. And on Thursday, Wood once again ethered Donald Trump.


Wood and Daily Show host Trevor Noah spoke about how some of the things Trump has said sound like they come straight out of a rap video.

“Trump doesn’t belong in the White House. Donald Trump belongs in a rap video,” Wood told Noah. “Everything Trump says is straight out of a rapper’s playbook. He brags about his money, he’s disrespectful to women, and there’s always fights at his concerts.

“You could make an entire rap song with just Donald Trump quotes,” Wood proposed. “All you need is a dope beat.”

And so it was done. Every line is an exact quote from Trump.

Just take a look at the first verse, with annotations courtesy of

Can you believe Ted Cruz who been killing our country?
Lyin’ Ted Cruz used a picture of Melania
Careful Lyin’ Ted, I'll spill the beans on your woman
I be watching Modern Family, written by a moron
I never liked Bette Midler’s persona (Told ya!)
I have black guys counting my money
The one who can beat Hillary, I’m not a Mitt Romney
Remember I’m the only candidate who’s self-funding (Told ya!)
Make America great again
Fingers long and beautiful
Look at these hands
I win, I win, I always win
Some people would say I’m very, very, very intelligent
Mexico is not our friend
Build the wall
I love the Mexicans
Nobody has more respect for women
Heidi Klum sadly, no longer a 10 (Truth!)

Check out the video below: