Watch: Taraji P. Henson Battles Terrence Howard During a Lip-Synching Battle and Brings Out Mary J. Blige

Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
Mary J. Blige and Taraji P. Henson during a lip-synching performance on Spike TV
YouTube Screenshot

It’s a wonderful thing to have friends in high places. 

Just ask Taraji P. Henson, who seemed like she was already doing pretty well during a lip-synching battle that had her competing against her Empire co-star Terrence Howard. Henson is seen performing Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Fine” in a video clip from Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle.

Henson’s got Blige’s short bob down pat, along with her mannerisms, stage presence and the confidence that the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul has been exuding all these years. But then Blige appears onstage and starts to lip-synch and dance alongside Henson to her own song. 


Henson was doing the ad-libs, while Blige had the background vocals. They made a fantastic lip-synching duo. Howard and LL Cool J—the show’s host—could only cheer from the sideline.

“Who you got? Who you got with you?” Henson asks Howard after the performance. It was golden. We’ll get to see the entire episode Aug. 20. 

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