Steve Harvey and Miss Colombia as he apologizes for mistakenly declaring her the winner of the Miss Universe pageant Dec. 20, 2015. Miss Philippines was the actual winner.
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Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez-Arévalo, walked gracefully and waved as she wore her Miss Universe crown during Sunday night's beauty pageant. She looked every bit a winner.

But, unfortunately, she wasn't.

"I have to apologize," said Steve Harvey, the show's host, right in the middle of her flawless pageant wave.



Those were all the looks that Gutierrez-Arévalo had on her face.

"The first runner-up is Colombia," Harvey said.

And then Pia Alonzo Wurztbach of the Philippines was crowned Miss Universe, and needless to say, she, too, was in disbelief. 


"Miss Universe 2015 is Philippines," Harvey said.

"Listen, folks. Let me just take control of this," Harvey then apologized. "This is exactly what's on the card. I will take responsibility for this. It was my mistake."

After the pageant, the real winner expressed her condolences.

"I did not take the crown from her," Wurtzbach told reporters. "None of this was my fault."


"None of this was done on purpose. It was an honest mistake," Wurtzbach said.

I'm pretty sure Harvey isn't going to be asked to host another pageant anytime soon.


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