Watch: Stephen Colbert Helps President Obama Polish His Résumé

President Barack Obama and Late Show host Stephen Colbert
YouTube Screenshot

After January, President Barack Obama will be out of a job. And I'm thinking he's probably going to take the longest vacation ever to get over his eight years in office. But Stephen Colbert is really interested in helping Obama find another job, and on Monday, during a Late Show With Stephen Colbert segment, he gave Obama a mock job interview.

Colbert played "Randy," an office manager going through the president's résumé with a fine-tooth comb. From Birther jokes to the president's Nobel Peace Prize, Randy dug really deep into the president's experience.


"What's a common criticism you have of others in the workplace?" Randy asked.

"I cannot stand it when people reduce complex ideas to some simplistic catchphrase," Obama stated.

"We can't accept that answer," Randy replied.

"Yes we can," Obama said.

Watch the hilarious clip below:


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