Watch: Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ John Boyega Impersonates His Co-Stars and Director

John Boyega            
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If you haven’t been living under a rock this past year, you may have heard about this little movie coming out next week. You know, it probably won’t get much fanfare, but Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives in most movie theaters Dec. 17.

The movie reunites the original Star Wars actors, like Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia, and Harrison Ford, who, of course, played this relatively unknown character, Han Solo. But there’s one newcomer to the franchise who’s having a lot of fun promoting the movie.


John Boyega, who plays Finn, recently showed off his acting skills to USA Today by impersonating his co-stars and J.J. Abrams, the director of the film.

Boyega’s range of emotion is not only hilarious but spot on. From Fisher’s awkward storytelling skills, and presumably her fondness for drinking … Coke, to Ford’s calm way of talking, Boyega effortless pulls off the impersonations.

Watch Boyega’s impressions below, and make sure you get your tickets early to the seventh Star Wars episode, which hits most theaters Dec. 17.

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