Watch: Spike Lee’s New Chi-raq Trailer

Samuel L. Jackson in a scene from the Chi-raq trailer
Samuel L. Jackson in a scene from the Chi-raq trailer

The trailer for Spike Lee's latest movie, Chi-raq, is out.

The film is having a limited released Dec. 4 and then rolling out on Amazon Instant Video thereafter, Variety reports. The film, however, has already garnered controversy because folks with strong connections to Chicago feel that Lee is capitalizing on the perception that Chicago is a city ridden with gang and gun violence.

The film is based on the Greek comedy Lysistrata, written by Aristophanes. The trailer is in true Spike Lee style. Samuel L. Jackson—a 40 Acres and a Mule regular—appears to be narrating. Angela Bassett, Jennifer Hudson, LaLa Anthony and Common are also in the film.


Lee is a creative genius, so it'll be interesting to see how he uses an ancient Greek comedy to tell a story about modern-day Chicago.

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