Shaquille O'Neal paying tribute to Teyana Taylor’s moves in “Fade”

There hasn't been a lot of parody or tribute videos when it comes to people attempting to re-create Teyana Taylor's dance moves from Kanye West's "Fade" video. And, rightly so, because I'm not sure who can pull off the sweat, the body and the dancing and not look like a fool.

Well, no one besides Shaquille O'Neal. If there's one person who doesn't take himself seriously on social media, it's Shaq, and he proved that once again when he decided to upload a video to Instagram and pay homage to Taylor.


Now that you'll never be able to unsee that image, one has to wonder what Taylor and Iman Shumpert thought about Shaq's moves.

TMZ asked Teyana Taylor and her husband, Cleveland Cavaliers player Iman Shumpert, what they thought of Shaq's video.

“Shaq’s a clown, man,” Shumpert said. “He had it down pat, but he’s gonna have to work on that outfit.”


Taylor had just one piece of advice for the former NBA star.

“He needs a better thong,” she told TMZ.

No thong, please.