Roland Martin

TV One’s Roland Martin isn’t here for Snoop Dogg’s boycott of the History Channel’s remake of Roots. During his Wednesday show, Martin basically told Snoop to put his money where his mouth is instead of smoking weed.

“Maybe if Snoop actually watched Roots, he’ll realize Kunta Kinte wasn’t the n-word?” Martin stated.


“You will never find someone Jewish saying there’s way too many Holocaust films,” Martin continued.

The talk show host then went on to list the countless Holocaust films over the last 10 years.

“Slavery happened. Slavery is real. Black folks are survivors since the first slaves touched down in Jamestown, Va.,” Martin stated.


And to throw extra shade, Martin then looked at Snoop’s IMDb page, which includes Soul Plane and some pornos he’s produced.

“The best success story he’s done is Soul Plane. You have the potential to change the game,” Martin exclaimed.

Take a look at Martin’s rant below: