Samuel L. Jackson
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In 11 days, President Barack Obama leaves office and all the work he has accomplished will seemingly be undone. Where Obama built his presidency around hope and change, which he actually accomplished, the incoming president is set on destroying that legacy. Basically, we're all doomed. But we'll still have the memories of President Obama's hard work.

In a new video, “Yes We Can,” people from different walks of life share their fondest memories of Obama. From Samuel L. Jackson appreciating the fact that the Affordable Care Act happened, to a young girl remembering how she felt when Obama was inaugurated the first time, the video provides a touching look back at all the work he's done.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen DeGeneres, John Legend and Kerry Washington are just a few of the celebrities in the video, and Legend divulged a sentiment we all probably felt.

“I never cried before from an election result,” Legend said.

And let's not mistake it—those were tears of joy.

Take a look at the video below: