Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
Oprah Winfrey and Lynn Whitfield in Greenleaf
Screenshot from OWN

Oprah’s coming back to television in a more consistent way come June.

Tune in to the OWN network June 21 to watch the premiere of Greenleaf, a 13-episode drama about a family that runs a megachurch in Memphis, Tenn. Oprah released the trailer on Twitter, and it looks solid. It's giving me Eve's Bayou. The aesthetic and the texture of the series, in terms of both the look and the plot, seem thick, layered and beautiful. 


First and foremost, all of the great, iconic actors and actresses who should be booking more roles but aren’t, probably because of the scarcity of roles for black Americans in Hollywood, are in it.

I’m talking about Emmy Award-winning actress Lynn Whitfield; I Think I Love My Wife's Lamman Rucker; a guy you’ll immediately recognize when you see him because he’s been in more movies than anyone can count, Keith David; and Remember the Titan’s Gregory Alan Williams. Ms. Winfrey herself can also be seen going toe to toe with Whitfield in the trailer.

Looks like OWN is stepping it up with regards to its original programming.

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