Watch: New Trailer for Halle Berry's Kidnap

Halle Berry in Kidnap
Relativity Films

According to a study done by the FBI, 239,593 minorities were reported missing in the United States in 2014. In addition, 36.8 percent of those under the age of 17 who were missing were black. Halle Berry's upcoming movie Kidnap takes a look at the lengths one mother goes to to get her son back after he is snatched at a park.

Berry plays Karla, a mother who is forced to fend for herself when law enforcement fails to help in a timely fashion.


"Being a parent, I understood this in a very visceral way. I play an ordinary mom forced to act in extraordinary ways," Berry said to USA Today. "I got to put in a little of what Halle Berry would do in this situation. That was fun."

Take a look at the trailer below:

Kidnap opens in theaters this winter.

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