Watch: Netflix Trolls Caucasians With New Trailer for Dear White People

Netflix screenshot
Netflix screenshot

In response to overwhelming pressure from the melanin-less masses who were butt-hurt about the last trailer for the upcoming series Dear White People, Netflix, instead of bowing to the fragile egos of the people who threatened to boycott the streaming service, decided to troll them instead.


On Thursday the media company released the final trailer for its original series, and it did not pull any punches:

The trailer opens with a trigger warning, because ... white fragility. It then goes on to skewer every subject that gives white people the heebie-jeebies, including white privilege, cultural appropriation, interracial sex, inappropriate comments and even how they think former President Barack Obama fixed racism.


Netflix doubles down on the controversy surrounding the 10-episode season, written by Justin Simien, the writer-director of the movie from which the series derives. The series came under fire from white activists who were furious with the trailer’s tone toward whiteness, and because it promoted “white genocide”—which is as real as unicorns, mermaids or Donald Trump’s moral compass. To be clear, they weren’t upset about the show—because they had never seen it. They were upset about the trailer for the show.

Not the show ... the commercial for the show.

Dear White People debuts on Netflix on April 28.

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