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When Rachel Dolezal’s story made news, the jokes immediately started. And some people even said that former Saturday Night Live player Maya Rudolph would be perfect to provide an impression of the former Spokane, Wash., NAACP branch president.

And the world got just that during Rudolph’s visit to Late Night With Seth Meyers.


Rudolph, who is the biracial daughter of Minnie Riperton and composer Richard Rudolph, compared herself doing impressions of Dolezal to Tina Fey's becoming Sarah Palin’s doppelgänger.

Seth Meyers then showed Dolezal’s now infamous interview in which a reporter asked if she was African American, and she responded that she did not understand the question. Then the two re-enacted the interview.

“Can I ask you a couple quick questions? Is your father an African American?” Meyers asked.

Rudolph was clearly confused, as was his interviewee.

“Let me make this real simple for you. Are your parents white?” Meyers asked again.


“Wait. I don’t really understand the question,” Rudolph responded.

Take a look at the hilarious interview below:

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