Watch: Killmonger Fights Putin and Other Observations From the Official Creed II Trailer

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Screenshot: Creed II (MGM)

The official trailer for Creed II: Killmonger vs. Putin debuted Wednesday, shocking everyone by revealing (spoiler alert) that, instead of being buried in the ocean with his ancestors, Erik Killmonger swam to the shore, found a great dermatologist, and got his old army buddy Rambo to retire from being Tango and/or Cash in order to assist him with starting a lucrative boxing career.


What? I don’t watch much cinema, but I just assumed every movie ever made will now be based on Black Panther. That’s how Hollywood works, right?

Anyway, the trailer features a shirtless Michael B. Jordan in a variety of angles, staring into the distance with his jaws clenched very tightly (which, I’ve always assumed, is the key to winning a boxing match).

In the trailer, a fedora-wearing Rocky Balboa reminds Lil’ Creed that ... Well I don’t quite know what he’s saying. Either my internet connection slowed down every time Sylvester Stallone talked, or he’s suffering CTE from all those years of jaw-clenching. But he really appears to be saying something important.

The movie also features a recently-divorced Claire Huxtable who’s still reeling from the recent news about her husband. Tessa Thompson is also in the movie playing Tessa Thompson acting in a movie.

I’m sure I’ve given away the entire movie plot with this insightful explanation of the trailer, but you can still watch it here:

Creed II opens Thanksgiving weekend.

Wakanda Forever.

World-renowned wypipologist. Getter and doer of "it." Never reneged, never will. Last real negus alive.



Just watched the trailer. Stallone is a fucking genius. This trailer has got the same flavor of energy Rocky IV had at the time.

He’s taken a basic story about a dumb boxer and revamped this shit to a Disney/Star Wars level.  Nothing but respect.