Watch: Kendrick Lamar Turns Up in a Promo Trailer for Black-ish

Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
The cast of Black-ish and rapper Kendrick Lamar (far right)

What happens when you put one of television’s best ensemble casts in a promotional trailer with one of the most beloved musicians and lyricists of these times?

Why, you get the cast of Black-ish and Kendrick Lamar turning up to Lamar’s hit single “Alright” in a cute music video. 


Black-ish posted the video on Twitter. The entire cast is sitting on a couch, and in walks Lamar, who is eating what looks to be cereal. Then everyone starts mouthing the lyrics to the song, dancing and taking photos, all while the video cuts to great scenes from the current season of Black-ish.

“Alright” is a song about black perseverance and victory in the face of the nonsense going on in the country that has us reminding folk that Black Lives Matter. So I think it’s particularly fitting that the song serves as a backdrop to a promo video for a show featuring an affluent black family who haven’t forgotten their roots. I love how Rainbow, played by Tracee Ellis Ross, is in Jordans, but I digress.

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